"L'homme n'est pas seulement composé de matière, il y a en lui un principe pensant relié au corps physique qu'il quitte, comme on quitte un vêtement usagé, lorsque son incarnation présente est achevée. Une fois désincarnés, les morts peuvent communiquer avec les vivants, soit directement, soit par l'intermédiaire de médiums de manière visible ou invisible" Allan Kardec (Le livre des Esprits)
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In this web page you will find information about my activities, my services, my spiritual personal and professional evolution. Come back quickly!

I offer personalized support for your emotional concerns, using the following tools and holistic care in Paris:

Reiki, live and remote treatments (on photo too)
Reiki is a method of self-healing and well-being by laying on of hands. Reiki provides general well-being to the recipient. Reiki focuses where the need is felt in your body, mind and spirit.

Meeting rate 1h00: 70€

Magnetism, treatments during the consultation and distance also (with photo)
Thanks to the imposition of the hands, the magnetic fluid allows the magnetizer to restore the harmony between the body and the soul by unblocking and rebalancing the energy centers (chakras) and allowing it to flow with serenity.

Meeting rate 1h00: 70€

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Every emotion occurs within ourselves, but always in relation to an external event to which we assign a personal meaning. Stimulating a series of acupuncture points while focusing on the problem in question.

Meeting rate 1h00: 70€

Technique of integration by rhythmic and sequential monosyllabic pronunciation

(according to the Canadian Jacques Martel)
This metaphysical approach takes into account thoughts, negative feelings and repressed emotions that cause discomfort, illness, suffering and the way the person feels affected, consciously or unconsciously.

Meeting rate 1h00: 70€

Bach Flower Therapy
Alternative medicine to heal our emotions. The English physician Edward Bach said that "if the soul, body and mind are in harmony, nothing can affect us."
A special questionnaire of 38 questions during your consultation about your reactions to emotions allows me to determine the flower essences you need. You get your bottle of drops enough for 4 weeks.

Meeting rate 1h00: 70€

Your personal numerology analysis
This wonderful tool of personal growth, essential for self-knowledge, will help you to understand who you are, to discover the unconscious basis of your personality, your internal motivations, your strengths and your potential, your weaknesses and areas to improve, your reactions and strategies to face the big events, know the type of challenges you will face in your life, cycles and challenges that await you, etc.

Have you noticed that the same unpleasant situations are repeated in your life? Do the same profile of people appear in a professional home environment? Would you like to change those situations?

Ask for your analysis at +33 6 63 28 99 26


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